Facebook isn’t bad. Really.

Facebook isn’t really bad, if you know how to do it right. I know many people are sick of seeing, frequent profile picture updates, selfies with irrelevant deep and copied quotes, yummy sandwiches, useless check ins, How am I feeling today updates. Facebook let’s you control most of this, if not everything.

Unfollow friends:
In last month I have “unfollowed” about 50 friends. Yes, you can remain friends with people and still do not get bugged up with their useless posts. Facebook allows unfollowing without unfriending. Thumb up to this feature.

Unfollow Posts or Stop Notifications:

Another very useful feature to stop those bugging notifications you see every time somebody comments on the post you have “Liked” or “commented upon”. Unless it is a really engaging or intriguing discussions, I do not follow posts.

I am using this efficiently. I have more than 10 lists and I do not prefer showing everything to everyone. There are only few posts that are worth sharing with everyone. Understand the interests of your friends and put them in the lists accordingly.

There could be many more undiscovered features which let you and your friends live in peace. I will add them as and when I discover them.


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