Indian Architecture Bloggers

Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, maintains an online list of Indian Bloggers. I must appreciate his effort and even the list seems to be thorough, almost on every topic, except architecture. Yes, except architecture. It made me think a lot why no architecture blog was included in this list. Aren’t there any Indian Architecture Blogs? The answer is, there are blogs on Indian Architecture by Indian Architects, very few, written either in unprofessional manner or updated irregularly, I mean inconsistent in posts. For instance look at this blog by me on architecture, which has gone dead several times and has been revived same number of times. Also, I agree the language, grammar and composition is very immature to be included in the list.

Now, inspired by Amit Agarwal, I have started creating a list on Indian Architecture Bloggers on my architecture blog.

Just thinking, won’t it be a good idea if professionals, educators and students in architecture get in habit of writing and start contributing their thoughts on architecture? Also, I think, institutions shall seriously consider including ‘web presence‘ in architecture curriculum.

I will discuss this with some educators in coming weeks and I am hopeful that architects will soon have a better web presence.


2 thoughts on “Indian Architecture Bloggers

  1. As a student of architecture , i have noticed that most of the sites and blogs just update with news around the globe . So i started writing a blog which gives a complete package of updates PLUS helps students getting to know about books and how to start design analysis , providing solutions to problems that are faced by students . heres my blog ….still in progress but its just a start …

  2. It is true! But this is mostly because architecture is vast and deep and takes skill and immense understanding of subject matter to blog about it. Its not like it does not exist at all. Just not as many.
    I write an architecture blog consequently. Read enjoy and comment. Cheers!!

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